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Sarah’s Credentials

Former WTA professional tennis player & Top British singles player

Member of IC Canada

ATP Certified GPTCA International level-B coach

Tennis Canada coach 3

Advanced Tennis footwork & movement specialist

( Sarah’s the first female and only coach in Canada to be trained in the footwork (BaileyMethod)


Advanced Fitness trainer, specializing in tennis

Certified Lifestyle Educator by Metagenics Firstline Therapy program

NCCP Sports Nutrition certified

I know this feeling because I have been there in my career…..

Have you ever felt when in competition that you didn’t play as good as you can, you had weaknesses you wish weren’t there, mentally wanting to be stronger and more knowledgeable then your opponent, wanting to be fitter and stronger so you can last for hours with no injuries holding you back, wanting your footwork & movement better so you don’t miss balls because your not in a good position,  losing a match because of lack of energy & fuel, walking off the court knowing your better then that, feeling disappointed and frustrated you are not where you want to be……

If this resonates with you I’m here to help…..

To give yourself the best fighting chance to achieve your goals, you need to give attention to all areas, building up your weak points and strengthening the existing ones to become great, building you into a complete athlete in all areas, so when you perform your opponent will have a hard time finding a weakness giving yourself the best chance to succeed and achieving your own personal goals!


Imagine you had a personalized training program customized to your every need, helping you in all areas to help you become the player athlete to your truest potential… There’s no limits, only the ones we put on ourselves!!!


In my service page you will find everything you need to know about what I can offer you for faster advancement.