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g2..Tennis is in her bloodline. Born in Canada with a British background.

It’s not surprising she followed this path of Tennis stardom. From her great great aunt, to aunt , to both of her parents, all of whom has had world rankings, and her aunt and both her parents have been also coaching tennis for over 30 years.

At age 10 she played her first tournament, by 12 was on the under 12 Canadian touring team, by 17 she got her WTA ranking and started her career as a pro player.

Throughout her time on the tour, Sarah had been lucky enough to travel the world, train at some of the top academies, and work with some of the top tennis and fitness coaches in the world.

With Sarah’s many years of training and competing whilst living on the professional tour, she is able to coach her athletes with first hand experience and knowledge.

She has also trained athletes in a variety of other sports and also ran for many years corporate fitness programs at Magna International Inc. and her own fitness programs for elementary teachers at a health & wellness academy in Toronto.


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