Johnmark J.   BS, NASM PES, BPS Level 1 coach

“I’ve known Sarah since her junior tennis playing days and she has always brought her best efforts and dedication to improving and succeeding.  Anyone that chooses to work with her will be pushed into giving their best effort in a challenging, smart, and systematic training plan both on and off the court.  If you dedicate and work as hard as Sarah did (and still does), you will grow into a stronger, faster, and more efficient athlete”


Julietta My family has to thank you for the physical training that for sure contributed to the successes at  junior and senior canadian table tennis championships.

Klement has a gold medal for junior boys team
Top 8 in doubles for both junior boys and men

Justina has the highest medal count again…
Gold for cadet girls team
Bronze for cadet girls single
Bronze for junior girls double
4th for junior girls single
Top 8 for women singles
AND Athlete of the Year Award

Jiabao got first in cadet girls singles, shared the bronze with Justina in cadet doubles.

Linda K Sarah is an excellent all around fitness trainer. She is a great listener and very compassionate when it comes to a persons needs. Not only is Sarah great at maximizing someone’s fitness abilities, but also at rehabilitation training. Sarah is such a motivating spirit to be around and my two girls can vouch for that. She knows the game of tennis inside and out and is incredibly experienced. I highly recommend Fitness With Sarah for various athletic needs.


Priscilla Tennis & Fitness With Sarah
My name is Priscilla. I play a variety of sports but my main focus is tennis. I met Sarah when I was 12 through my former coach who is also Sarah’s mom. From there she became my hitting partner. Tennis is a tough sport in a sense that it’s very self-oriented. Not only do you have to be physically fit, but being mentally fit also gives you the edge as coaching is not permitted. Here I am, four years later at 16 years old, writing to you about how training with Sarah has made me a better, stronger, and faster athlete. Sarah and I would spend multiple hours a week together doing on-court training. Through Sarah’s experience from when she used to play on the tour, she taught me how to become mentally tough through difficult, challenging and exhausting drills. In preparation for tournaments, we would play points where the drills we completed would be incorporated into pressured situations that would be encountered during matches. Hitting with Sarah was put to my advantage as it forced me to give everything I had into practice to keep up with her heavy pace. I constantly wrote down her words of encouragement and advice into a notebook, which she suggested, so I could read it during the changeovers of my match. Tennis with Sarah lead to great success and confidence in my tournaments. Fitness: Something that is so important in the sport of tennis. You must be able to withstand a three and a half hour matches in 40 degree weather and still have the energy to play another one. Crazy? Not so much. Sarah creates a program for me that is based around the aspects of tennis – sprints, cardio, endurance, shoulders, abs, and lots and lots of legs! Sarah incorporates the movement, footwork, and balance needed in this sport into the exercises. She pushes my limits to the point where I feel I couldn’t do another rep, or sprint, or minute if I tried, then gives words of encouragement so I could give it one more shot (works every time). Cool down and stretching are also very important to do after your workout. We spend at least 10 minutes with this so my muscles could relax and recover. After most workouts, I got home and drown myself in a bath of Epsom salts to ensure all the lactic acid leaves my body. The soreness I get is my body’s way of thanking me (and Sarah) for a job well done at the gym. My results in tennis since starting fitness with Sarah have only improved. I can fight through long three-set matches with more than enough energy to play another one after. The ball I hit comes off harder with less effort, and my legs feel like they could run forever! These past 4 years with Sarah have been unforgettable. I have become more healthy and fit (both physically and mentally) and the results really show both on-court and off. Sarah makes training challenging but fun so it’s always something I look forward to in my training schedule.



I am a recreational tennis player who plays at a competitive level.  After training with Sarah I quickly realized that my movement was weak.  Sarah was able to analyse my movement and design a training program that targeted my weakness.  It didn’t take long for my movement to improve considerably.  Sarah’s knowledge of body mechanics and tennis footwork was impressive.  Before meeting Sarah I thought I moved well on the court.  My movement is now far better than I ever thought possible.  I am more efficient on the court which allows me to play at a higher level much longer.  I was impressed with Sarah’s professionalism and dedication.  Sarah sincerely wanted me to succeed with my goals.  I highly recommend Sarah as a personal trainer.


Nancy M I have worked out with Sarah for almost a year now (with a little time off in the summer!). I have definitely improved my strength and cardio and I still feel motivated and inspired by her to continue to improve my fitness level. Sarah is able to assess needs and adjust exercises so that everyone in her class is challenged and every class has been different! My two daughters, aged 18 and 12, joined a 5 week session with Sarah and we all felt results and had fun. She constantly monitors how we are doing each exercise, so that we receive maximum benefits. Sarah has an amazing background of knowledge related to fitness, nutrition, healing and recovery and she is always sharing her personal fitness ‘secrets’. When you work out with Sarah you feel that she really wants to see you improve, so you work hard and come back to her next class!


Christine I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah for about 5 months both in a group setting and with individual instruction. Sarah is a wealth of knowledge in regards to fitness and personal well being. She give great tips on healthy eating, relaxation techniques, and overall wellness. Her greatest strength I think is in knowing how to maximize a workout so that you get the best results. She is continuously giving feedback on how to improve how I workout so that I can target the muscles I’m working on and see results sooner rather than later. She is always positive, has a smile on her face and is always there to encourage you to go just a little bit further or modify a workout to suit you. She gets me to go just a little bit further than I ever would without her and has made a huge difference in the way I look and feel!      
Chandani I have always been somewhat weary of personal trainers, having worked with them in the past, and never feeling any real joy in exercising; and so, when one of my colleagues mentioned that a Personal Trainer would be willing to train a group of us, I was hesitant to join. Within the first 30min of our first class, I realized that Sarah was different. She is able to create workouts that are suitable for all ages, fitness levels and abilities, and yet tailor it on the spot, when she sees that an individual needs additional support. Her care, attentiveness, and degree of personal coaching makes you feel like you’re the only one, even in a group setting. Perhaps, one of Sarah’s greatest strengths, is the way she is able to apply her knowledge of health, nutrition, and physical fitness, in order to inspire a belief that no matter your age or ability level, you have what it takes to get stronger and feel healthier. Sarah has inspired me, at the age of 60, to feel healthy and fit, something I thought I was never capable of achieving. When I started my sessions with Sarah, she evaluated and streamlined my overall goals and objectives (conditioning and nutrition), taking into consideration my age and personal limitations. Over the course of these past 5 months, I have experienced an increase in my strength, endurance, and overall fitness level. I have to admit that I was skeptical about personal trainers, as I have not had positive experiences in the past. However, Sarah’s knowledge, enthusiasm and ability to listen, makes her an outstanding trainer. Even though I participate in group classes, she is able to make me feel like I have her full attention, and that I have a personal trainer. She has inspired me to do something that I never thought I could do, or be comfortable doing. I have and will continue to recommend her to my friends and acquaintances, anyone who desires to achieve their personal goal of health, wellness and overall whole life management goals.


Anu Joining Sarah’s class is one of the best things I have done for myself. I feel fitter, I eat better, my posture is better !!Now I feel there is hope that I will loose weight in all those troublesome spots… Stomach, waist, hips…..On my own I would never would have been able to push myself to do all the stuff I do in Sarah’s class weights, abs, push ups , bench press…I was off and on being “Gluten free” but she in her simple but descriptive manner explained why it was important to be “Gluten Free” … Since then I have Worked really hard on it …it helps my stomach feel lighter and makes me feel amazing. She has motivated me to be organized and planned about my food …This is what she always says: Plan what and when u r going to eat … That way you won’t make the wrong choices!!!She is so enthusiastic about being fit, about eating healthy, about achieving goals that it can’t but rub off on you !!


Linda Sarah has changed my life through her postural assessments and programming to correct my years of working at a desk!


Sue – Total compensation, Magna International Inc. I highly recommend Sarah Coles as a personal trainer to get real results. I have participated in her boot camp, elastic band classes and personal training at the gym. Sarah knows exactly how much I can do and pushes me to meet and exceed my goals! I look forward each time to our training sessions to see what new challenges she has in store for me.


Nancy H I’am happy to recommend Sarah has a personal trainer – she is a pleasure to work with. She is an extraordinary personal trainer with a vast knowledge of how your body works and muscle function. She has a never ending changes to routines keeps everyone interested and challenged yet she is able to adjust these routines to suit all ages and capabilities with ease. She is extremely organized, always happy and full of energy. Her pleasant and positive attitude makes everyone happy to be part of her group and strive to do their best for maximum results. Sarah makes working out fun which is why I love to come back week after week.


Cherie – Program coordinator, Global environmental programs, Magna International Inc. Sarah is a very knowledgeable fitness instructor and a great motivator. She changes up routines and sequences every session which keeps me interested and motivated. Her workout routines are challenging but flexible enough for individual strengths or weaknesses. Sarah is such a nice person you can’t help but like her even though she’s working you so hard!


Graham I’m 92 years young and Sarah has brought new energy and love back into my life through her exercises, rehab and mentoring support!


 Varsha Sarah is an excellent trainer with a very warm and down to earth personality. Working out with Sarah is very enjoyable; the exercise routines are creative and varied so there is never a dull moment. Sarah is always well prepared for each class, demonstrates each movement perfectly and takes time to fully explain the impact of each set. The exercises are well thought out to maximize the benefits within the class time. Sarah shares her knowledge generously and will adjust a routine to accommodate specific weaknesses if she is made aware. It is this dedication and care that makes Sarah an exceptional trainer and person; she has the knack to squeeze just that little bit more out of you without making it seem like a sergeant major drill! I am certainly very happy to have found Sarah for my training goals.


Albert – Global risk manager. Magna International Inc. Sarah is the perfect trainer for you if you want someone to keep you motivated so that you can achieve your fitness goals. In our weekly Magna Boot Camp class she introduced a variety of exercises that targeted every muscle group and pushed us to go beyond what we would do alone. The class was very enjoyable and after each week I felt fitter and healthier. Sarah loves fitness and has a genuine desire to help you achieve your fitness goals and to live a healthy lifestyle.


Anne H – Human resources manager, Magna International Inc. Sarah has brought a wealth of fitness knowledge to Magna. Her classes are geared to all levels of fitness and most of all, they are fun! What I like most about Sarah’s classes is they are never the same – every class is different.

 Sofia Training with Sarah over the past years has been a great pleasure.She is fun and intense at the same time and it really helped me improve my performance on and off the tennis court :) Thanks for coaching me, I really got a lot better. You’re an awesome coach thanks again!!


Ralph Thanks for the kick in the butt each week (my view is that it really should be butt camp and not boot camp) lol


John I’ve enjoyed our workout sessions and am grateful for your help in getting me on the fitness track. I hope we can keep it going next year and get even healthier.


Olga Thank you for the amazing classes you host and your constant encouragement. You are amazing and I thank you.


Paola - Executive assistant to Marc Neeb, Wellness Coordinator, Magna International Inc. People are really enjoying your sessions. Thank you for all of your hard work!


Lisbeth - Neighbourhood network, Magna International Inc. You are the reason I am stronger :) not to mention the reason I like to exercise!!!


Max Thank you for training me on the court and the fitness was amazing, I got much better and it was fun at the same time. Thank you Sarah.


Anne If I can do it, you can do it. I can see a difference and feel a difference.


Franca People are hooked on your classes and love your programs and seeing great results, Im so ready to get started!!!


Lynda Thank you so much the girls thoroughly enjoyed their time with you on the tennis court and look forward to the every session. Danielle said she learnt more in the one hour with you, than she did in the 2 or 3 sessions of lessons at……..!!!


Mike Sarah is an excellent, qualified fitness coach, specializing in everything tennis.


Andrea I’ve only been training with Sarah for just over a month and only once a week but already I see a significant difference in my strength and energy levels. I’ve lifted heavier weights than I ever thought possible with her support and guidance.Sarah provides a relaxed and encouraging environment. The sessions are always changing, challenging and fun. She is very passionate about her work and makes every effort to help her clients succeed!


Heather Sarah is kind, caring and extremely knowledgeable and passionate about health and fitness. This is always evident in her positive and encouraging words – it keeps you coming back for more!!


Ralph S - Senior financial manager IT systems, Magna International Inc. I have been attending Sarah’s Boot Camp for the past few months on a once a week basis.  Her complete body work out classes have been an excellent supplement to the other exercise activities that I carry out.  My overall fitness has improved and my recurring injuries are less of an issue now (I’m 52, male with soccer ham string problems).  The classes are well planned and always a challenge.  I always leave feeling like I had to leave it all in class and that it was time well spent.  Many thanks Sarah – us middle aged, office types grasping to hold onto our rapidly vanishing youth salute you!


 Eileen I have been training with Sarah over the last 6 months and I have noticed a big improvement in my overall fitness.  Sarah is a great motivator.  Her positive coaching encourages you to push yourself while always emphasising proper form and technique.    Sarah’s classes are always different from week to week so you never get bored with your workout and you are always learning new exercises.

Peter  Before I met Sarah I hated fitness, now I love it, even when I have to wake up at 6:45am on a holiday!


John Sarah has made my kids love and enjoy fitness and my bond with my kids has never been stronger through there new confidence and happiness. Thank you so much for all your help!


Vivian Sarah’s teachings and mentoring has changed the way I take care of myself and I’ll take that with me forever!


Roberto I look forward to every workout, I hate missing a day!!


Nina I would be heartbroken if I couldnt have Sarah as my fitness trainer!!!


Lisabeth G Sarah has motivated me so much, I practice pushups, wall sits and jumping jacks in my kitchen while I wait for my dinner!!


Anna I lost weight faster with Sarah and her techniques then I’ve ever done in my life!!! Thank you so much!


Vi Sarah’s passion for fitness and caring personality helped change my life through fitness and personal fulfillment!


Sharon Sarah’s vast knowledge on how the body works has saved me from many injuries!


Patrick My son is part of the High Performance Program at Blackmore Tennis. Sarah has been working with him for the past year and we have definitely seen an improvement in his stability, stamina and inner core. Sarah customizes his workout based on his weak areas and this has definitely been helping him ’up’ his game. Thanks so much Sarah

Diana  I have worked with Sarah for several years in various wellness classes offered at my work.She is thoughtful, sensible, and is a pleasure to work with and talk to. She knows just how and when to encourage and when to push, though never too much. She is great at modifying the workout, taking into consideration any injuries, fitness levels and age, and Sarah always has great suggestions how to get the most out of the workout. I have no hesitation recommending Sarah. Be ready for a challenge!! “


Adrienne Sarah’s upbeat attitude and extensive knowledge of the body and training make her a wonderful instructor and personal trainer! I have also been working out with her through out my pregnancy and she has helped me a lot! She has made modifications to her programming and helped me restructure my workout to accommodate for my changing body and specific needs at this time. I am very appreciative for all she has done for me!


Shannon My name is Shannon and I joined Sarah Coles boot camp about a year ago. Prior Sarah has provided me massages and rehab for my injuries. Prior I had an injury to my back and knee for years and since working on balancing strength in my body I no longer dread climbing stairs or have aching legs at night after a long nights work. I have tried another boot camp and it created injuries that Sarah needed to “fix” for me. Sarah has the knowledge of rehabilitation for injuries as well as mechanics of the body. My overall fitness has improved as I am not a person as most of us aren’t that can eat what they want and not worry about a muffin top. My body is toned and feels stronger and for the first time since I was a teen I am looking forward to wearing shorts this summer. Not only is Sarah very knowledgeable of the body and fitness she is very friendly and energetic early in the morning which I need to get my butt in gear.


Sherrie Sarah has been training me for about 2 months within a group of about 6 women. She varies the exercises each week and ensures that she’s targeting all areas. She modifies the program whenever she sees fit. She is patient and encourages me weekly. She has a sense if humour which just adds to the group dynamics. I am seeing results.Thank you Sarah!


Julietta  Klement and Justina had a very successful year in competitions and are now hopeful to go to the world championships.

You did a great job with them. Thanks so much!!


Patrick My family and I have been working with Sarah for over 7 years now. It all started when my son Aidan was looking to improve his game with competitive tennis. Although he was in the High Performance program at the club, his coach at the time was not as effective as she could be. After spending a couple of months with Sarah, we saw a definite improvement in our son’s game which boosted his confidence on the court. Later on, my wife and I realized we could also benefit from Sarah’s coaching to improve our overall fitness and wellbeing so we started working with her. Taking into account some of our personal physical issues, Sarah customizes and modifies our routines – each time pushing us to get better and stronger. She has even provided me with a quick routine I can use while I am travelling for work. As a facilitator who is on my feet all day, I have definitely seen an improvement in my stamina and strength. Thanks so much Sarah. Much appreciated!


Kate  I have been working with Sarah for several years. She came highly recommended by family members who had worked with her in both specific tennis related training workouts as well as regular fitness training.

Sarah is wonderful with determining current fitness levels and then working out an on-going fitness routine. She has been particularly special to me as I have suffered some major health issues over the last few years and she has not only modified my routine accordingly, she has motivated me and encouraged me at times when my physical capabilities were challenged.

Sarah’s expertise and skill coupled with her wonderfully cheery and positive attitude make fitness both fun and challenging.

Thanks Sarah!



Leah and Dana   My sister and I have been working out with Sarah for over four years. We are both busy students and find it difficult to find time to go to the gym. Sarah has always been willing to accommodate our schedules and we look forward for each session with her. Even with the six years between us as sisters, Sarah’s creative, positive outlook makes each session a fun sister bonding time. Sarah gives us the motivation to stay fit and healthy throughout the year. At the beginning of each workout we talk about areas we would like to strengthen and focus on. Sarah is great at listening to our goals and always comes up with different workout techniques to keep us motivated. We love the resistance bands! Staying committed to the workout sessions, we both have gotten much stronger over the years. Sarah’s amazing knowledge and commitment to her clients has given us great confidence in ourselves! 














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