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Elena Baltacha 

Former British #1 Tennis Player & WTA singles high 49

Sarah Coles was a member of my support team during the 2009/10 WTA Montreal tournaments. She has a very good understanding of athlete support elements, understanding the physiological and nutrition aspects to a high level. As a previous competing player she also understands the broader needs of a touring player and also delivered the elements very well. She also has the ability to work as a team member and worked very well under the lead of my head coach.


 Dharani was a member of Team Canada under 14 States touring team and Team Canada under 14 Europe touring team in 2017/2018. She is ranked 4th in singles and 3rd in doubles in Canada under 14.

 My name is Dharani and I am a competitive tennis player. I started working with Sarah about 3 years ago in hopes of improving my fitness in order to improve my game. Sarah has definitely helped me to improve my fitness by a lot in all aspects, meaning strength, speed, agility etc. Being a former professional tennis player, she knows the kind of training that I need to get to that level and is always giving me little tips on how to improve my game on and off the court. I couldn’t be happier with my results on the court and I feel that it is because of all the hard work that Sarah and I have put in to improve my fitness. Sarah has helped to improve my strength, speed, balance, and agility so that I compete to the best of my abilities on the court and one day become the best player in the world. Sarah is always encouraging me and helping me to find ways to bring me closer to reaching that goal. Sarah has also always made sure that I was using the proper technique when we do exercises so that I never get injured. Sarah is the best trainer I have ever worked with and has definitely helped bring me closer to achieve my goals.














These past 4 years with Sarah have been unforgettable. I have become more healthy and fit (both physically and mentally) and the results really show both on-court and off. Sarah makes training challenging but fun so it’s always something I look forward to in my training schedule.



















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