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Permission has been granted by students’ parents or guardians to display their photographs.

Here are just some of my Athletes.

DharaniDharani N.

Dharani has worked with me for over 6 years and I’m so proud of her and all her achievements so far in her career. She works hard and understands that tennis specific fitness and footwork is the key to succeed at the level that she strives for.


My training programs are designed specific for her needs for better performance, making rapid improvements, from improving her weaker areas to then them becoming part of her strengths, helping create the optimal athlete.





Cenan L.


Cenan’s dedication to improving and succeeding have propelled her forward quite quickly. Her new found confidence in her physical strength, speed, power and footwork is starting to show by playing way beyond her age group. She is now known for her speed around the court.



Priscilla B.

Priscilla and I started working together when she was 12 both on and off the court. Her dedication and hard work, enabled her to a get a scholarship to an American university, which has set her up for life. Our hard workouts developed not only her physical strength but her mental strength and confidence.

IMG_5538Elena B.

Knowing Elena from my tennis playing days, we became close friends, and when she found out I was now a coach, with no hesitation did she ask for some help. Elena was a born fighter and competitor and her hard work, love for the sport made the difference in helping achieve her goals on and off the court.


 Sophia S.

Sophia’s parents wisely understood that fitness and footwork is a crucial part of her tennis development at a young age and since we have been working together she has made tremendous  progress, and the results are starting to show, now being a top under 12 in Canada.










Lara M.

Lara is here focussing on tennis specific footwork and swing line techniques using our artificial grass agility corner, making it very beneficial on improving her explosive speed while being easier on her joints.IMG_E5715


Kieran F.

Kieran has spent most of his life having to stay fit, strong and fast, as the Regimental Sergeant Major in the British Army. Her knows first hand the importance of always being on your game and in peak condition and his attitude and discipline has enabled us to make huge strives in his physical strength and endurance.MACC4592 (1)JUAH7708


Nicole X.

Nicole’s dedication to succeed in sport are quickly showing up in her fencing. Our customized workouts are tailored to help balance out her body so she doesn’t get injuried, as well as her strength, balance, posture and speed.IMG_5892


Stacey L.

Stacey has always been active her whole life and her love of skiing has increased over the years. Being so much stronger physically and mentally, she’s now able to conquer mountains she never thought she would do! Our training has also helped her stay injury free, so she can continue to set her goals and accomplish


Ryan L.

Here is Ryan training on our cushioned sprint track. Here we can work on tennis specific fitness, footwork and speed, which is benefitting his overall tennis performance on the court.IMG_E5676 (1)


Josh G.

Josh is dedicated to improving his performance on and off court. His hard work in all aspects have paid off these years of commitment to the sport and has receive good results in tournaments. He is also the head coach of the women’s squash team of University of Toronto.IMG_5553


Leah M.

Leah has trained with me for many years, focusing on her physical fitness to benefit her equestrian competition riding. Having developed her strength, posture, balance and customized movements, it has enabled her to succeed at the goals she set for herself.

The horse definitely knows who’s boss!IMG_5664IMG_5661


Daniel M.

Daniel is here focusing on tennis specfic footwork and swing line techniques using our artifical grass agility corner.IMG_E6783


Victoria W.

Victoria’s determination to keep improving and being the best she can be is a great asset and she knew to take her game to the next level she needed to dedicate herself to becoming fitter, stronger, and master her tennis footwork and speed to get the edge on her competition.IMG_E6699


Megan M.

Megan is such a hard worker and fully committed to getting better, and is starting to make huge strives in her strength, speed, endurance and footwork.

IMG_7522 (2)












IMG_E7175 (2)

Victoria T.

Victoria is dedicated and focussed in improving her tennis specific footwork so she can take her game and performances to the next level.







IMG_7685Katherine Y.

Katherine is a dedicated hard worker and determined to succeed in everything she does, and she knows that tennis specific fitness, speed and footwork is the key to improving her tennis performance for her future.






Jacey T.

Jacey is such a hard worker and is dedicated to improving her tennis. She was looking for something to give her that extra edge and Jacey and her mother knew tennis specific fitness and advanced footwork and movement training was the key to help develop her into the athlete and player she wants to become. Starting specific fitness for your sport at an early age is crucial for the right development for the future.




Philipp T.

Philipp is such a hard worker and knows the effort he puts into things now will greatly benefit his future. Building himself as a tennis player and athlete  that’s specific to his needs and goals, has given him new confidence both physically and mentally.


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